PushXL replaces paper records for Phys Ed!

Phys Ed is a leading tool in combating the obesity epidemic in the U. S.  PE standards are being raised around the nation.  States and school districts are providing PE report cards.  Yet teachers are being asked to maintain records for hundreds of children with paper and pencil.

With PushXL, you’ll plan assessments for your entire class, store records, print charts and reports for your entire class.  You can track students from kindergarten through graduation.  

Here's how it works :

Plan a New Test

Start by selecting the students you want to test. Click the New Test button to open a template test.  New tests are based on the exercises specified by the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.  Don't like the list?  Change exercises and save the new test. 

Print the test form.  PushXL creates a printout with all of your students, and the exercises that you want to test.  PushXL also creates a spreadsheet that you will use to enter the testing results.  Then, test your students.   

Test Your Students

Record the results on the form, then enter the results into the spreadsheet that PushXL creates for you.  Import the spreadsheet.  Once the results are in PushXL, you can create charts or reports.

Chart and Report Results

PushXL automatically charts each exercise.  You’ll know right away if students are improving, declining or just holding steady.  PushXL also gives you accurate record keeping both by workout and by exercise. 

PushXL also provides three reports-the Athlete Profile, Blue Chip, and Pound for Pound reports.  The Athlete Profile report allows you to select the students and exercises, then print the student's best performance for those exercises.  Blue Chip allows you to assign points to different performance levels, and then total the points that each student earns to rank them against the rest of your class.  Pound for Pound allows you to rank students based on speed, agility, and strength exercises.  This report includes a ranking based on the total pounds lifted for every pound of body weight.  All of these reports can use actual weight lifted, or calculated 1RM.  

To see an example, click here.

Easy to Manage

PushAD, the Administrative Console for PushXL, manages exercises and assessment templates for all of your students.  

Use PushXL

As a PE teacher, you can use PushXL by having your school district license it for the entire student body.  Contact Roger Inc. for more details.