Screen Shots of PushXL

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workout.jpg (144415 bytes) Main screen that shows all workouts.  
This is your entry into PushXL.  You can display all workouts, workouts that you've already done, or workouts that you plan to do .
only new wo.jpg (48338 bytes) Main screen showing only new workouts.
The same startup screen, showing only workouts that have been planned but not completed.
pushad.jpg (66146 bytes) Manage workouts for your class, team, or clients
This screen is the startup screen for managing groups of people.  People appear on the left, and can be grouped together by position, class, team, or any other grouping that you need.  Workout templates appear on the right.
New Workout.jpg (87634 bytes) Plan a new workout.
Select your split, then add as many exercises as you want.  PushXL presents exercises for you to select from in an order that encourages you to do different exercises each time you do your split.  Your previous results, and previous best results, are shown for each exercise that you select.
Edit Workout.jpg (78484 bytes)

Edit Sets

editwo.jpg (39160 bytes)

Edit Workout

Edit your workout to enter weights, reps, and sets.

Enter Weight, Reps, and Sets on an exercise-by-exercise basis.  Enter the same weight and reps for all sets with the Edit Workout screen, or create "Pyramid"-style workouts with the Edit Sets screen.  You can use either screen on any workout.

plan.jpg (34035 bytes)

Print Max

PrintLike.jpg (24945 bytes)

Print Like

PrintSets.jpg (17795 bytes)

Print Sets

Printout of a planned workout to take to the gym.
Once the workout is planned, print the plan to take to the gym.  PushXL provides three printouts formats for you choose from: Print Max, Print Sets, and Print Like.  You can choose any printout at any time.  

When you come back from the gym, click the "Post" button to mark the workout as being completed.  If you didn't follow the workout exactly as planned, just edit those changes.  

Coaches, trainers, and teachers, can print individually customized workout plans for selected people with the click of a single button.

results chart.jpg (35225 bytes) View a chart of your performance.
PushXL instantly charts the results of all exercises.  It's very easy to see where progress is being made. A single click makes a chart for the entire team or class.
Attendance.jpg (38637 bytes)


profile.jpg (45959 bytes)

Athlete Profile

bluechip.jpg (29671 bytes)

Blue Chip

pfp.jpg (43247 bytes)

Pound for Pound

Print Reports
Print reports for your entire team or class that show attendace, an athlete's best performance in selected exercises, or rank the athlete or student compared to the rest of the team or class.

In each report, you control the list of athletes and the list of exercises.  You can report based on actual results or calculated One Rep Max (1RM).

editex.jpg (35611 bytes) Manage Exercises
Part of PushXL's flexibility is the ability to use your own exercises.  Exercises can be named anything you like.  For Aerobic exercises, you can tell PushXL what parameters to record, such as time, calories, distance, or laps.  You can use the existing PushXL exercises, or delete them all and use your own.

Teachers, coaches, and trainers can import the exercises that exactly match their facilities from a spreadsheet.

Workout intensity can automatically increase based on past performance by activating rules.  Rules are triggered when a goal is achieved.  Goals can be a number of reps, an amount of weight, or a number of sets.  Once the goal is achieved, PushXL can change the number of weights, reps or sets.  You control the goals, and the increase in intensity.

Teachers, coaches, and trainers can program workouts based on a One Rep Max (1RM).  Check the Percentages checkbox to activate this feature on an exercise-by-exercise basis.

all exercise results.jpg (63012 bytes) View the results for every set you've ever done for an exercise.
See every set that has been entered in to PushXL, and how you did.
wo exercise results.jpg (28540 bytes) View the results for the sets you did during a selected workout.
Within a workout, see how you did with only that workout's sets of an exercise.  Double-click on the Sets field in Edit Sets or Edit Workout to view this information.
eval.jpg (48636 bytes) Calculate Body Composition.
PushXL can calculate body composition using circumference measures or skinfold measures.  PushXL will also calculate the Body Mass Index.  You can enter height values in inches or centimeters, and weight values in either pounds or kilograms.