PushXL motivates your athletes and produces greater results!

Whether you’re a personal trainer or a coach, you know you want your athletes to get the most out of every workout. When you track their workouts – especially those involving strength training – they’re more committed to the program. The more committed they are, the better their results.

You may think that other forms of tracking – like a card – are just fine, but in truth, they’re just adequate. And who wants adequate when there are simple, affordable and easy-to-use alternatives that improve performance.

Consider this: with a paper system, it’s hard to answer the following types of questions aimed to improve performance:

With PushXL, you’ll plan, record and chart every athlete’s workouts, allowing you to quickly and easily answer these questions about their performance. It may sound complicated, but it’s very easy and will save you an immense amount of time.

Here's how it works :

Plan New Workouts

First, select the athletes you want to work on.  Then, select the body part(s) you want to exercise. PushXL will give you a list of exercises for these body parts only that you can select from. If you don’t see an exercise you want, simply add it. Over time, you’ll build a personalized exercise inventory for each athlete. 

Next, select the exercises you want to perform. Exercises are presented in order of least recently done. PushXL doesn’t select the exercise for you, but suggests alternative exercises for the body part you have selected.  This encourages exercise rotation, which leads to better results, and better motivation.

You can specify exactly what weights and reps they should do for each set.  You can have PushXL automatically increase the workout intensity if athletes have achieved their goal.  You can also program workouts based on an athlete's One Rep Max (1RM).  In this way, you can program customized workouts for each athlete with the same ease as programming a single workout.

Print the plan for each selected athlete, and use it to guide each personal training session or team workout. PushXL allows you to print three different workout plans, so you can include the information that your team needs.  This makes it easy for you and them to see what they’ve done while they’re working out, which will motivate them to do better.

 To see examples, click here.

Record Workout Results

During a workout, simply jot down the changes that were done between the plan and the actual workout.  No changes?  Click a single button, and mark the workout as done for the entire team.  Some of your athletes didn’t follow the plan exactly?  Maybe did a different exercise?  No problem.  Just enter the changes.  When you’re done entering the results, “post” the workout and it’s ready for charting and reporting. To see how this works, click here.

Chart and Report Results

PushXL automatically charts each exercise, giving you immediate feedback on your athletes’ performance. You’ll know right away if they’re improving, declining or just holding steady.  PushXL also gives you accurate record keeping both by workout and by exercise. 

PushXL also provides three reports-the Athlete Profile, Blue Chip, and Pound for Pound reports.  The Athlete Profile report allows you to select the athletes and exercises, then print the athlete's best performance for those exercises.  Blue Chip allows you to assign points to different performance levels, and then total the points that each athlete earns to rank them against their teammates.  Pound for Pound allows you to rank athletes based on speed, agility, and strength exercises.  This report includes a ranking based on the total pounds lifted for every pound of body weight.  All of these reports can use actual weight lifted, or calculated 1RM.  To see examples, click here.

Easy to Manage

PushAD, the Administrative Console for PushXL, manages exercises and workout templates for all of your athletes.  When your athletes graduate or leave your program, give them a copy of their workouts.  This lets them continue to see results from your coaching and training. 

Get PushXL

PushXL and PushAD are available on a per-athlete basis.  Click here to contact Roger Inc. about your program.