Roger Inc. Announces Availability of New Modules for PushXL, and Companion PushAD.

 Ann Arbor Michigan, May 5, 2002

Roger Inc. announces the general availability of three new software modules for PushXL, and the availability of a companion product, PushAD.

The new modules for PushXL, each available separately, implement the PAR-Q assessment form, a Health History form, and a Fitness Assessment form.  The Fitness Assessment form includes two methods for Body Fat calculations: Circumference Measurements and Skin Fold Measurements. These modules enhance the value that PushXL offers to trainers and other fitness professionals by reducing the paperwork and hand calculations that would otherwise be required.

PushAD is an Administrative Console for PushXL that allows a coach or trainer to manage multiple PushXL users at the same time.  Workout plans can be done for groups of individuals, rather than one at a time.  This allows a coach with 50 or 150 athletes to quickly create workout plans for all athletes, or create custom workout plans for groups of athletes based on the position played.

PushXL, PushXL Modules, and PushAD are available separately or in bundles.  Contact Roger Inc. for more information.

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