Frequently Asked Questions

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1.  What are the system requirements to run PushXL and PushAD?

PushXL and PushAD require a minimum amount of hard drive space of 100 Mb, plus 5 Mb per athlete or client that will be managed.  PushXL and PushAD have been tested on machines with as little as 48 Mb of RAM, however performance does suffer with less than 64 Mb.  

PushXL requires a Windows 98 or newer operating system, or Windows 95 with at least Internet Explorer 6.  Download Internet Explorer 6 (or newer) from Microsoft.  When installing on Windows NT-based systems, you must have administrative rights.

PushXL runs in conjunction with Microsoft Access.  If you already have Access 2000 or newer, you're all set.  If you don't have Access, PushXL will install the MS Access Runtime module, and you're all set.  If you have Access 97 or older, PushXL will not install, as this would create compatibility problems.


2.  Is PushXL only for strength training?

No, PushXL supports strenght training and aerobic workouts.  Strength training exercises store weights, reps, and sets.  Aerobic exercises can record laps, calories, time, or distance.  You select up to 3 of these parameters for each aerobic exercise.


3.  Can I configure PushXL for my team, club, or client list?

Yes.  when PushXL is installed, you can import your own list of exercises, your own list of athlletes, clients, or members, and your own set of workout templates.  All of these are imported from Excel spreadsheets.  Template spreadsheets ship with PusXL, complete with instructions.


4.  Can I configure exercises for the Athlete Profile, Blue Chip, and Pound for Pound?

Yes.  You select which exercises appear in each report.  PushXL has a default that you can use, or change to match your own needs.  The Blue Chip report requires modification from an Excel spreadsheet to change the exercises or points.  These changes can then be imported into PushXL.


5.  Can I configure exercises for my PE class?

Yes.  You select which exercises appear for each assessment. 


6.  How does PushXL calculate a One Rep Max (1RM)?

PushXL applies the same formula as the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  This formula multiplies the number of reps by 3%, then multiplies this value by the weight lifted, then adds this value to the weight lifted.  The result is typically accurate to within 5% of the real 1RM.  This calculation is most accurate for 3-7 reps.


7.  How many athletes, clients, or members can PushAD manage?

There are no architectural limits to the people that can be managed.


8.  What about upgrades?

Roger Inc. has an automated upgrade process that will upgrade PushXL in-place.  It automatically creates a backup of your files.


8.  What about backups?

You can back up PushXL just like any other files on your computer or network.